Top Law School Admissions: Staying Steady

graduate-advisor-lsatThe eagle-eyed bloggers at Above the Law have broken down some new statistics on fluctuating law school admissions numbers at the top institutions, the subject of an earlier Wall Street Journal blog post– something our admissions experts addressed on the 180 Live earlier this month. Despite all of the hoopla surrounding low application numbers at accredited law schools, Staci Zaretsky reports that at the top 14 level, not much has changed on the LSAT side of things- maybe a couple of points here and there, but competition for those spots in the best schools remains very high, news that’s right in line with what the admissions officials indicates on the show on Monday.

That is not necessarily the case for lower-ranked schools, where the pool has thinned much more considerably, so for those of your students for whom Harvard or Yale is a stretch, it’s definitely still worth checking into- some great law schools that might be a perfect for anxious test-takers or people with problematic GPA’s are trying to fill out their classes with qualified applicants, even those whose LSAT scores might have hurt them in the heyday of law school admissions! As always, make sure your students have built an impressive résumé- the extra information might make a big difference if numbers are under that crucial median. For students who are set on a T-14 institution, tell them to hit those books; they will need each and every LSAT point they can grab to get in the door!

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