GMAC Creates Wonderful Infographics

gmat infographicThe Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) collects tremendous amounts of data then publishes much of it and makes it available to everyone. If you have not already done so or have not done so in a while, go to GMAC’s website and have a look at the Market Intelligence & Research tab.

The big headings you’ll find there are GMAT Profile Data & Trends, Research & Survey Results, and Validate Admissions Criteria. Click through the featured box above and beneath each of the aforementioned headings. GMAC has compiled, analyzed, and translated wide streams of data into almost countless useful, varied, and free resources.

Robust annual reports on various trends and interests abound. If you have the time to download and read any of them, you will surely learn a great deal and likely come back for more. However, busy days and mass amounts of information often mix about as well as oil and water. So when data is aggregated into colorful, easy-to-read one-pagers… well, that can be refreshing. Consider these linked GMAC infographics a tall drink of water:

Infographics by U.S. city— D.C., Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, L.A., Miami, New York CitySan Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle.

Infographics by nation— China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.

These eye-catching summaries are neat to read and offer interesting insight. We will certainly check often and let you know when the 2014 versions are released. Hopefully, in the next round of iterations we will see some additional reports covering underrepresented U.S. regions—perhaps one on Dallas or Denver, say—as well as one or more that are surprisingly missing from the nation’s list— India and the E.U., for example.

If you have the opportunity, let us know how the data from your closest metro area stacks up against what you are seeing from your student body. Alignment? Divergence?