Law School Admissions in the Headlines: The What Law School Could Teach Colleges Edition

law school newsHere are some of the latest, most interesting headlines about the law school admissions process and legal education landscape from media outlets across the country. Leading off…

Law schools have a lot to teach their students, but also other institutions of higher learning, particularly when it comes to slashing tuition, as some have recently done. It’s called supply and demand. (TIME)

Word to the wise: law school applicants shouldn’t take their anger about getting rejected from a law school to social media. It doesn’t translate well. (Above The Law)

And speaking of bad ideas for online activity…an Oregon law professor’s Internet rant is making waves, and stirring up a law school debate. Viral in a bad way. (The Oregonian)

Albany Law School’s Health Law Clinic is now providing free legal assistance to Cancer patients and their families. (The Albany Times-Union)

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