Business School Admissions in the Headlines: The Diversity Issue

10454504-columbus-mba-admissions-consulting2Here are some of the latest, most interesting headlines about the business school admissions process and MBA landscape from media outlets across the country. Leading off…

If you’re a prospective business school student who also happens to be LGBT, it may make sense to go loud and proud in your applications. (U.S. News & World Report)

Harvard Business School (which isn’t hurting for money) has set a lofty fundraising goal: $1 billion. (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

New research finds that cheating among business school students is on the rise. What’s going on? (Poets & Quants)

Many (if not most) business school students have the goals to work on Wall Street, for consulting companies like McKinsey, or in tech. So why are they reading up on ancient Greek philosophy? One school wants them to see beyond the bottom line. (The Wall Street Journal)

One good piece of advice for aspiring MBAs: check your ego at the classroom and boardroom doors. Arrogance is unattractive. (The Financial Times)