Law School Admissions in the Headlines: The SCOTUS Justice Sounds Off Edition

scaliaHere are some of the latest, most interesting headlines about the law school admissions process and legal education landscape from media outlets across the country. Leading off…

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (never a shy individual) sounds off about what law schools are doing wrong. Hint: they cost too much and teach too little. (The Wall Street Journal)

And speaking of the Supreme Court…which law schools do you think have  produced the most future justices? The list probably won’t surprise you too much, but it’s interesting nonetheless. (TIME)

LSAT takers who need more time to take the exam scored a major legal victory this month. A court ruled they could be allotted extra minutes, without law schools even knowing about it. Previously, the maker of the exam would flag such students so admissions officers would know. (The ABA Journal)

Some new data that illustrates why it’s really important to do well on the LSAT to get into a top law school: An analysis shows that the unemployment rate for graduates from the top 50 law schools is more than 60% lower than the unemployment rate for everybody else. (The Wall Street Journal)

Diversity among law school students is improving, but there’s still so much more to go. In 2003, minorities made up only one-fifth of all law students; in 2012, that number increased to just over 25% in 2012.  (The JD Journal)

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