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OWEN FARCY – See Posts by Owen

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Owen Farcy is director of MCAT 2015 for Kaplan Test Prep, and is responsible primarily for operations and program development for the company’s pre-medical programs. As a long-time top-rated faculty member for Kaplan, Owen is intimately familiar with the MCAT and medical school admissions. An interest in global health and student advocacy has helped him to work closely with several prominent pre-health student groups such as the American Medical Student Association, Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity, and Global Brigades. With a new, expanded MCAT scheduled to debut in 2015, Owen’s main focus is working with students, undergraduate advisors, and medical schools to adapt to the new admissions landscape. He is also the host of The Pulse, Kaplan’s monthly live web-series for pre-medical students. Owen holds a BS in Biology from Emory University, and has previously worked in environmental education and sustainable development.

JEFF THOMASSee Posts by Jeff

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Jeff Thomas is the director of pre-law programs for Kaplan Test Prep, managing the company’s LSAT business, including marketing, program development and delivery.  A veteran Kaplan LSAT instructor, Jeff helped develop Kaplan’s new suite of 2010 LSAT products including Logic Games On Demand and the LSAT Experience, the industry’s first fully-simulated test day experience.   Jeff also maintains close relationships with admissions deans at the nation’s top law schools.  A successful entrepreneur, Jeff received a BS in management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a JD, magna cum laude, from Albany Law School.

LEE WEISSSee Posts by Lee

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Lee Weiss is director of graduate programs for Kaplan Test Prep, managing the company’s GRE business, including marketing, program development and delivery. He began his Kaplan career as an instructor, teaching the GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT and PSAT.  A published author of fiction and criticism, Lee’s professional experience includes management roles with a K-12 education non-profit and in business development and finance at American Express.  He graduated from Cornell University with a BS in International and Comparative Relations in 2002 and completed his master’s in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2008.

TERESA RUPP – See Posts by Teresa

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Teresa Rupp has been a Kaplan GRE, GMAT, and LSAT teacher since 2010. She graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies, which has left her with an enduring love of Lebanese cuisine and Arabic dialectology. When she’s not coaching students to Test Day success in Baltimore and in Kaplan’s Anywhere classes, Teresa can usually be found reading, doing crossword puzzles, or hiking with Piper, her Welsh Springer Spaniel (who also enjoys Lebanese food).

ADELE SHAPIRO – See Posts by Adele

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Adele Shapiro has been an LSAT instructor with Kaplan for over 7 years. She graduated from Cardozo Law School and spent a good number of years practicing law in the public interest and family law sector. While she teaches many courses for Kaplan, LSAT is her favorite – She is a Logic Games geek and loves showing students how they can gain points on a section that is 23% of the test, but generates 83% of the anxiety. Many of the logic games skills are applicable to other areas of her life – quilt-making and photography. For her,  its all about doing things efficiently and quickly by taking the time to slow down, be analytic and think.

PETROS MINASI – See Posts by Petros

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Petros currently serves as the Director of Pre-Medical Programs Content Development at Kaplan, overseeing the ongoing advancement and evolution of Kaplan’s MCAT programs. He started teaching for Kaplan in 1999, while completing his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at UC Berkeley, and since then has worked extensively in Kaplan’s Pre Health preparation programs.  Petros has held a wide variety of positions at Kaplan during his tenure, while always maintaining a close tie to the classroom, including Center Director and Academic Director Roles. His distinctions include National Trainer of the Year, Regional Trainer of the Year twice, and Regional Teacher of the Year. Through his years at Kaplan, Petros has worked closely with many undergraduate student groups and advisors. Petros regularly presents workshops on all aspects of the admissions process by delivering featured Personal Statement, Interview Skills, and application skills seminars, during which students supplement the skills necessary for success both in the application process and in the future. He enjoys inspiring students to reach their maximum potential and their ultimate goal of working in the Health professions and of one day wearing a white coat.

RUSSELL SCHAFFER – See Posts by Russell

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Russell Schaffer is Kaplan Test Prep’s senior communications manager. In his position, Russell is responsible for helping lead our external media relations efforts, including speaking with reporters and bloggers on a regular basis about Kaplan’s proprietary research and products. Russell also helps craft the surveys we regularly administer of students, advisers and admissions officers. The data collected helps guide the hundreds of thousands of students Kaplan works with every year by giving them accurate and up-to-date information on the landscape. The data also keeps advisers and admissions officers in the loop about what their colleagues and students are thinking and doing. Russell is also the managing editor of KTP’s internal blog, which he loves because he can regularly write about all the interesting people and personalities across the company. Before joining Kaplan in August 2006, he worked for six years at various public relations firms where his clients included IKEA and Heineken. Prior to working in public relations, he worked as a legislative assistant for a member of the New York State Assembly. Russell is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, where he received his BA in political science and MA in communications.

LUCAS WEINGARTEN – See Posts by Lucas

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Lucas Weingarten teaches students how to beat the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT for Kaplan Test Prep and is proud to be a member have earned “elite instructor” status. Lucas writes extensively for Kaplan’s GMAT blog (http://blog.kaplangmat.com/), and in addition to the GMAT and business school as primary subject matter, he regularly explores topics within higher education, economic systems, sustainability, and current events. Lucas spent his formative years in North Carolina and currently resides in Milwaukee, WI, though he has not yet found the part of the world wherein to bury his roots. He has an MBA with a dual concentration in entrepreneurship and finance from DePaul University in Chicago and is fortunate to have secured an adjunct teaching position there out of the department of management. Family, friends, and a seemingly endless stream of new hobbies keep Lucas busy and happy outside of the classroom. You can reach out any time by email (lucas.weingarten@kaplan.com) or through the comments thread after his blog posts.

EMILY HAUSE – See Posts by Emily

Contact her at Emily.Hause@gmail.com

Emily Hause has been with Kaplan for over four years as a teacher and tutor for MCAT, ACT, SAT and SAT2 subject tests; her absolute favorite things to teach are algebra and general chemistry. She graduated from Lawrence University in 2007 with a B.A. in Biochemistry and Spanish. In 2010, she completed a Master’s in Public Health-Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota. This fall, she is incredibly excited to be attending her first year of medical school at the Colorado University-Denver and plans to eventually work as a physician in urban, medically-underserved areas. When not attempting to save the world through public health interventions or test preparation, Emily enjoys baking, dancing, and eating at delicious restaurants around Minneapolis.

BETH HOFFBERG – See Posts by Beth

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Beth Hoffberg oversees the DAT, OAT, and PCAT programs for Kaplan Test Prep. Beth started with Kaplan in 2006, and has taught hundreds of DAT, OAT, PCAT, MCAT, LSAT, ACT, and SAT students. After years of success in the classroom, Beth became a teacher trainer and a faculty manager, eventually becoming the National Faculty Trainer for graduate programs. Her passion for improving the student experience lead her to her current role, where she manages product development and strategy. Beth graduated from Cornell University in 2006 with a BA in Psychology and earned her master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in 2008.