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  • ETS Reports More Prospective MBA Applicants Taking the GRE

    As you and the students you advise probably know, the minds (if not the hearts) of aspiring business school students have long belonged to the GMAT, which has traditionally been the preferred (if not only) exam required to apply to MBA programs. But in the past decade, that began to change. ETS, the makers of the GRE, began an aggressive push to convince business schools to accept their exam as an alternative to the GMAT. They have been relatively successful in their efforts. Read more ››

  • When Is the Right Time to Take the GRE?

    Those who prepare to take the GRE often wonder if there is either an optimal year of school or time of year to take the test. While there is no one answer that will perfectly fit each person’s specific situation, potential test-takers should keep the following in mind: Read more ››

    Scores are Good for Five Years
    Some people suggest that the optimal time to take the GRE is during a student’s first year of college. The argument goes something like this: since the GRE is so similar to the SAT, and because you’ve recently taken the SAT, it’s better to just take the GRE while those basic math and vocabulary skills are still sharp in your mind.

  • Graduate School Admissions in the Headlines: The Why It’s Worth It Edition

    Here are some of the latest, most interesting headlines about the graduate school admissions process and graduate education landscape from media outlets across the country. Leading off…

    Many aspiring graduate school students consider a master’s degree a necessity for scoring a plum job. But in light of rising debt, how is someone to know which degrees are worth the expense? (

    And speaking of investments…in the United States and throughout the world, an important debate is taking place regarding the costs and benefits of a graduate degree. Read more ››

  • The First GRE Prep Course eBook for Kindle

    Great news for Kaplan students: we’ve collaborated with Amazon to bring the first GRE prep course ebook directly to students enrolled in Kaplan courses using the Kindle reading apps and Kindle Fire tablets. This makes our GRE course the first Kindle-compatible Kaplan course available for aspiring graduate school students. Kaplan GRE students will have the ability to study across multiple devices—Kindle Fire and Android tablets, iPads, PCs and Macs—and take advantage of features such as note taking, highlighting, tracking progress, word look up, searching and syncing. Read more ››

  • Studying for the GRE – Are Your Students Using the Right Habits?

    One of the interesting things I’ve discovered as a GRE instructor is that many students have little or no plan when it comes to studying for the GRE. While most students will set occasional timing goals for themselves – things like “I’ll try to study for an hour later tonight” or “if I have time, I’ll take a practice test this weekend” – what they fail to realize is that those aren’t plans; those are whims. Read more ››

  • Graduate School Admissions in the Headlines: “The Rankings Are Here! The Rankings are Here!” Edition

    Here are some of the latest, most interesting headlines about the graduate school admissions process and graduate school education from media outlets across the country. Leading off…

    ICYMI: Here are U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 rankings for graduate schools.  (U.S. News & World Report)

    What’s Kaplan Test Prep’s take on the rankings? We say whether a school ranks 16th or 24th won’t matter in the long run.  Ultimately, applicants should seek programs that are the best overall ‘fit’ for their academic, professional, financial, and lifestyle goals and needs. Read more ››

  • GMAC Creates Wonderful Infographics

    The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) collects tremendous amounts of data then publishes much of it and makes it available to everyone. If you have not already done so or have not done so in a while, go to GMAC’s website and have a look at the Market Intelligence & Research tab.

    The big headings you’ll find there are GMAT Profile Data & Trends, Research & Survey Results, and Validate Admissions Criteria. Click through the featured box above and beneath each of the aforementioned headings. Read more ››

  • When is the right time to go to grad school?

    That’s an important question that prospective graduate students should ask themselves, for many reasons. I suspect that many students today view going to grad school as a given, a step that they will inevitably take, often immediately after completing their undergrad degrees. There is the belief (not entirely unfounded) that to advance in one’s career, one must possess an advanced degree. I found myself being subjected to these pressures as I approached the end of college; family members and friends alike suggested I go to law school or business school or grad school. Read more ››

  • Top Five Reasons Your Advisees Should Prep for the GRE

    Here at Kaplan, we talk a lot about how to prep for the GRE. In fact, that’s our business. We’re experts when it comes to preparing for the test. Do your advisees need strategies for learning vocab and tackling GRE verbal questions? We’ve got them. Do your advisees need help with math content that they haven’t seen since high school, but that they will need to re-discover for the GRE? We can help! Our courses have them covered. Read more ››

  • Graduate School Admissions in the Headlines: The Big Jump in Graduate School Attendance Edition

    Here are some of the latest, most interesting headlines about the graduate school admissions process and graduate school education landscape from media outlets across the country. Leading off….

    There has been a huge upswing in the number of people who attended graduate school in the past five years – the number has surged 24% since the recession. But what about the earnings gap? (The Wall Street Journal)

    The students you advise may want to consider studying a less-popular area of engineering if earning potential is top of mind. Read more ››